Friday, July 3, 2015

Bullshits of Creativity

Creativity is not divine. It's not a unique process which few have. Creativity, or for that matter, talent, is not inborn. They say Mozart was born with a golden ear. He had the equivalent of photographic memory for music, coupled with one of the highest IQs, reflected through his oeuvre.

There had been long discussions, and unnecessary myths about the left brain and right brain functions.  The left brain controls the analytical process and the right brain intuitive. The left is for the logic and the right for the emotions. There are books written on these two faces of the human faculties.

But, the practicability is we all are both. We perceive the world in many different ways. We perceive mostly continuously. The moment we want to express that perception, it becomes fragmented.

It is exactly like the analog and the digital.

Our emotions are organic. We float and drown in a continuous sea of emotions. But, usually, our minds do not connect directly. When we make love to our partners, then it connects. Mystics connect to their God in a similar way.

For more mundane conversations, we use signs.

We express love with the chocolate or the rose. The consumerist market thrives with that. Remember the Cadbury chocolate ad of the yesteryear?

We call that creativity!

Creating signs or repeating them in a skilled way makes us creative to the world.

But, how is that different from accounting?

At least poets and artists, the chef and the perfumist try something with their respective languages.

At least they try to push the buttons in the body - mind of their connoisseurs to evoke the same emotions that the artists felt in the process of creation. The same emotions that goaded them to create.

But, can they really do this?